Mohair Fabric – 12mm Sparse – Pebble


Mohair Fabric – 12mm Sparse – Pebble


12mm Sparse Pebble Mohair Fabric. A versatile 12mm sparse oatmeal coloured mohair fabric from Helmbold for teddy bear and toy making.

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12mm Sparse Mohair Fabric – Pebble

A very versatile 12mm sparse mohair fabric called Pebble from Helmbold which is a wonderful fabric for making teddy bears and other little characters.  The backing is an oatmeal colour and it has matching oatmeal coloured, sparse, 12mm  pile.

This top quality German mohair fabric is particularly good for making smaller bears. as it has a sparse and short pile.  The picture shows a little mouse, Jackson, who was made from this mohair from the Amazing Craft Sewing Jackson Mouse pattern.

A good cotton sewing thread match to this fabric is Gutermann 927. and a good extra strong thread is Gutermann Top Stitch 186

This mohair fabric is available in 1/16th, 1/8th and quarter metre pieces (the width of the roll is approximately 140cm including the selvedges and, therefore, 1/16th is approx 25cmx35cm, 1/8th is approx 35cmx50cm and a quarter metre will be approximately 50cmx70cm wide).

Please note, although we try our very best, it is very difficult to photograph an exact colour match of the mohair fabric (but we do sell 8cm x 8cm swatches that may help you decide!).

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Sample 8cm x 8cm, 1/16th metre, 1/8th metre, Fat Quarter, Half metre


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