Terms and Conditions

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that all of the content on our website is accurate and up to date, we may occasionally make an error.

If we have made a mistake, we would firstly like to apologise.  We should be very grateful if you would let us know about our mistake to enable us to try and sort it out and put things right for you (you can email us at info@amazingcraft.co.uk).

Also, just to reassure you, any personal information you give us when placing an order will never be passed on to any other party (unless we are legally obliged to do so) and will be used solely for the purpose of completing the purchase and delivery of your order.

We will only add you details to our mailing list if you have requested us to do so (you can join the mailing list at the bottom of the website by adding you email to the box under ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’).

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