Amazing Craft – Sewing Jackson Mouse Pattern


Amazing Craft Sewing Jackson Mouse
Jackson the Mouse made from mohair

Amazing Craft – Sewing Jackson Mouse Pattern


Amazing Craft’s pattern to sew JACKSON MOUSE using traditional toy making methods resulting in a cute, 12cm, jointed mouse made from mohair or cotton.

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Amazing Craft – Sewing Jackson Mouse Pattern

With the Amazing Craft’s pattern to sew JACKSON MOUSE you can create a cute, little, 12cm mouse using traditional toy making methods*.

Jackson looks great made from mohair and is made using glass* eyes and is jointed (moveable arms, legs and head!) and can be made using a sewing machine or by hand sewing.   Although he looks great made from mohair, any non-stretch or woven fabrics will work well with this re-usable pattern.  The 14 page instruction booklet has clear guides to guide you through the entire process and is supported with our online videos should you prefer a more visual way to learn.  Add a little steel weighting into his legs and tummy and he will feel truly adorable in the palm of your hand when complete!


Materials you will need:-

.     25cm deep x 23cm wide piece of mohair (a fat quarter will be plenty) or a woven fabric with little stretch (e.g. cotton)

.     12cm deep x 10cm wide 30% Wool Felt (ear inserts & paws)

.     Cotton or polyester sewing thread to match your fabric

.     One pair of 6mm black glass eyes

.     10mm cotter pin joints (one set)

.     1.5m extra strong thread (used for the head joint & eyes)

.     40cm DMC Pink 957 Cotton Perle Size 3 (for the nose)

.     15g polyfibre stuffing

.     60g steel weighting

.     10cm brown 2mm thonging (tail!)

Equipment you will need:-

.     A sewing needle

.     A doll needle

.     Fabric scissors

.     Round nosed pliers

.     Paper scissors

.     Tailor’s chalk, fabric pen or a pencil

.     A stuffing tool, haemostats or a chopstick!

Stitches used:-

.     Back stitch

.     Ladder stitch

.     Running stitch

Skills needed:- 

To complete this project, the maker will need to be able:

.     to hand sew or be able to use a sewing machine

.     to feel confident working with small, ‘fiddly’ pieces!


*Because this kit contains glass eyes, it is not suitable as a toy.  If, however, you want to make it suitable  as a toy, you can replace the eyes with safety eyes or simply embroider them on.