Teddy Bear Growler (Traditional Millboard – 3 sizes)


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Teddy Bear Growler (Traditional Millboard – 3 sizes)


A traditional millboard growler to give teddy a growl (available in small, medium and large sizes). Perfect for replacment growler in vintage teddy bears.

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Teddy Bear Growler (Traditional Millboard – 3 sizes)

Give your teddy bear a voice by inserting a traditional millboard teddy bear growler that, when tipped, makes a noise.  These growlers are made from millboard (a strong, cardboard type material) and are available in three sizes:-

  • Small – diameter 42mm and height 50mm
  • Medium – diameter 49mm and height 52mm
  • Large – diameter 60mm and height 60mm

Growlers can be inserted into a teddy bear’s tummy to give him or her a traditional growl when tipped.  You can insert a growler into an existing teddy bear to give him ‘a voice’, replace a non-working grower in a vintage teddy bear or add it into a new teddy bear that you are creating.

Sit the growler in the middle of your bear’s stuffing in it’s tummy so that the growler is sitting upright with the holes facing towards the bear’s head.  Make sure it is well padded all around (so that it isn’t obvious from the outside of the bear) and ladder stitch your bear’s tummy closed.

The larger the growler the deeper the voice and you can hear the sound the medium growler makes here:-

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