Steel Weighting for Teddy Bear Making


Steel Weighting for Teddy Bear Making


A 300g bag of steel weighting used for many crafts, including collectable teddy bears, each one with a diameter of approximately 1.2mm.

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Steel Weighting for Bear Making

A 300g bag of steel weighting.

Steel Weighting is used for a variety of crafts including adding a little weight into collectable teddy bears and other soft toys intended for adults.

The rust free steel weighting is made in the UK and the diameter of each tiny steel discs is approximately 1.2mm.  This weighting conform to BS5852 and CE regulations.

Reasons to choose this type of weighting:-  non-rusting, high density making it suitable to add weight without bulk in very small toys.

Handy tip:  depending on the weave of your fabric, you may want to contain the weighting inside your creation.  Use a pop sock or tight and knot the top and your weighting is still able to move around but far less likely to come through the fabric!



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