Brown Plastic Eyes – 4mm – 5mm


Brown Plastic Eyes – 4mm – 5mm


Tiny 4mm and 5mm brown plastic eyes that are great for needle felting little creatures or when making air-dry clay characters.

Brown Plastic Eyes for Needle Felting

These tiny plastic eyes can be used for needle felting little creatures or in air-dry clay projects and come in either a 4mm or 5mm size.  The ‘iris’ of the eye is brown with a black pupil.  Please note, these eyes DO NOT HAVE BACKS and are NOT safety eyes.

To use these eyes on a needle felted character, first needle felt a hole where you want the eye to be situated.  Then either use a dab of glue on the end of the eye and insert it into the hole or, if using without glue, needle felt around the eye to keep it secure.

The size of the eye relates to the diameter of the eye (eg a 4mm eye measures 4mm across the width of the eye).

You can buy single pairs of eyes or, to save a little money, packs of 5 pairs of 10 pairs of eyes.

Additional information

Eye Size

4mm, 5mm

Pack quantity

1 – 9 pairs, Pack of 5 pairs, Pack of 10 pairs