Needle Felting Needle 36 Gauge Triangular


Needle Felting Needle 36 Gauge Triangular


Top quality, German needle felting needle 36 Gauge Triangle suitable for needle felting, rooting hair on reborn dolls and needle felting teddy bear noses.

Needle Felting Needle 36 Gauge Triangular

Top quality, German needle felting needle (36 Gauge Triangle) for needle felting wool.  The triangular felting needle has three sides and three barbs on each side and is a great all rounder for needle felting projects.  They are also suitable for rooting on reborn dolls and needlefelting teddy bear noses!  Our needles are always supplied in small plastic boxes for protection (as needle felting needles are incredibly sharp!).

Needle felting should be carried out on a piece of foam or other protective material to preserve both the needle and the surface on which you are felting!

General information about needle felting needles

Felting needles have an incredibly sharp tip and a series of barbs along the needle.  The barbs entangle the wool fibres (which also have microscopic barbs on them).  This causes the fibres to compact and ‘felt’ together and can be used to create 2d and 3d creations.

Needle felting needles come in different thickness (gauges).  With a thicker the needle you get bigger barbs and, therefore, if you are creating very fine work you will be better with a thinner needle with a higher gauge.   (The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle and, therefore, the lower the gauge the thicker the needle).  Also, the more barbs you have on a needle, the quicker your fibres will felt but with fewer barbs you will be able to produce finer work.  A good, all rounder, general purpose needle is a 36 gauge.

Beginners to needle felting can often find their needles break.  This can be for one of two reasons.  Firstly, the needle should always be inserted and exited at a 90 degree angle to the work and can break if not used like this.  )The needles have actually been produced for industrial machines that always insert them at a perfect angle!).  Secondly, the quality of the needle can make a difference and German made needles are generally considered the best.

The needles can be used in a multi tool or singley.

Caution:  needle felting needles are incredibly sharp!


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