Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford

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Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford

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Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford, a fabulous book full of knitting patterns for knitting funny, inquisitive and very cute meerkat toys.

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Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford

Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford, is a fabulous book full of knitting patterns for creating meerkats. Funny, inquisitive and very, very cute, each little meerkat has his own personality to bring a smile to everyone’s face. The meerkats are knitted with a double strand of fine, fluffy yarn using small needles and feel gorgeous when they are made up. Using fine yarn ensures that you get great detail and expression. The outfits are all knitted in 4-ply (fingering) yarn and are quick and easy to make.

Some patterns include a small amount of crochet, but for those of you who do not crochet, alternative methods are given in each case. Many of the outfits are made so they can be taken on and off easily. You can therefore knit your meerkat an entire wardrobe of clothes and accessories. Other outfits are best sewn on to give the best possible finish.

The adult meerkats measure 14cm (51/2in) high and the babies just a tiny 7cm (23/4in) tall. Sue Stratford said she had great fun choosing the outfits they should wear and the list was so long it was very difficult to choose just twenty!  All are equally popular with her family and friends, but she has to confess that the little meerkat dressed up as a dinosaur has to be her favourite! Of course, all the patterns in the book can be adapted by altering the colours or yarns used, or mix-and-matched to create outfits of your own.

The knitted meerkats make a special personalised gift for a friend or relative. The baby meerkats make wonderful bag charms or key fobs, and Sue says she can’t wait to see the bride and groom gracing the top of a wedding cake!   Any tricky techniques are explained and they really help make these little creatures look extra special. Enjoy making your very own meerkat or meerkat clan!

ISBN:  978 1 78221 007 8

Publisher:  Search Press Ltd

Author: Sue Stratford