How to Make Heirloom Teddy Bears by Sue Quinn


How to Make Heirloom Teddy Bears by Sue Quinn


Amazing Craft is delighted to be stocking How to Make Heirloom Teddy Bears book. Written by Sue Quinn, this teddy bear lover’s delight is brimming with hints, tips and information on how to make your own bears and repair old teddy bears too.

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How to Make Heirloom Teddy Bears by Sue Quinn

How to make Heirloom Teddy Bears by Sue Quinn

Teddy bears are an iconic symbol of childhood. They are amongst our first and best-loved toys and often passed on to our own children to enjoy. This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide takes you into the magical world of teddy bear making and shows you the tools, materials and essential techniques you need to create your own traditional bear.

-Step-by-step projects with full size templates included

-Detailed guidance on how to create different features and clothing to give your bear a unique personality

-Learn how to care for and repair your bear to ensure your treasured creation will last a lifetime

This book has been written by Sue Quinn who is also the author of the bestselling ‘How to make Little Felt Animals’ , Sue Quinn has been designing and making teddy bears and other animals since childhood. After moving to Scotland she developed her range and sold small shops in the area. She named the business Dormouse Designs, as one of her first creatures was a small felt mouse called Timothy. Her collectible bears are now so sought-after that Sue’s work can be found in teddy bear museums in Britain, Japan and collections worldwide, Sue lives in Kilbarchan, Scotland.

Written By: Sue Quinn

Published By: Search Press

ISBN: 978-1-78221-143-3


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