Doll Jersey Fabric – 3 OFF-CUTS. EN71-3 OEKO-TEX and REACH compliant


Doll Jersey Fabric – 3 OFF-CUTS. EN71-3 OEKO-TEX and REACH compliant


Doll Jersey Stockinette Fabric OFF-CUTS from De Witte Engel – 100% cotton, EN71-3 OEKO-TEX and REACH compliant. Bundle of 3 off-cuts of fabric.

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Doll Jersey Stockinette Fabric – Bundle of 3 Off-Cuts

(EN71-3 OEKO-TEX and REACH compliant)

Doll Jersey Stockinette Fabric from De Witte Engel Doll  is made from 100% cotton, double-knitted and coloured according to the EN71, art. 1, 2 and 3 guidelines. The yarns used for knitting this doll jersey carry the OEKO-TEX certification and are REACH compliant. This means that the doll jersey is safe to use in children’s toy making.

We often have off cuts at the end of a roll of fabric that don’t fit into our standard fabric size categories (eg 1/4m etc), hence this listing!

This little bundleof fabric consists of the following 3 pieces of doll jersey fabric (we have also lised below the Gutermann Cotton sewing threads that we think are a good match to each shade of doll jersey):-

  • 40cm x 17cm 105 Light Brown – Shade 1136
  • 40cm x 24cm 114 Sun Kissed (has a slight flaw affecting 5cm x 0.1cm – Shade 1120
  • 40cm x 18cm 115 Light Skin – Shade 1829

This worldwide valued doll making fabric is used for making the original Sun Child dolls, Steiner dolls and Waldorf dolls. When making these dolls in the traditional manner, only natural materials are used.

The material is supplied in a tubular piece and is made from very sturdy round-knitted jersey, with a knitted pattern on both sides. When choosing a colour, jersey appears much lighter on a doll.

If you are creating products for sale from the doll jersey and need the EN71-3, OEKO-TEX or REACH safety certificates for your files, please send us an email at

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102 Salmon, 103 Peach, 104 Dark Brown, 105 Light Brown, 106 Red Brown, 114 Sun Kissed, 115 Light Skin, 116 Beige

Fabric - Size

Skinny 1/4m, Half metre, 1 metre


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