Cotter Pin Turning Key


Cotter Pin Turning Key


A Cotter Pin Turning Key is a handy tool for turning a cotter pin tightly when making traditional teddy bears.


Cotter Pin Turning Key

When making a traditional teddy bear, some people find it difficult turning the cotter pin tightly and find this handy tool, a Cotter Pin Turning Key a favourable alternative to pliers.  The tools are available in 3 sizes depending on the size cotter pin you are using.  The suggested uses for each sized tool are:-

  • Small – suitable for all Cotter Pin Joints that have disks sized 18mm and smaller
  • Medium – suitable for all Cotter Pin Joints that have disks sized 21mm to 35mm
  • Large – suitable for all Cotter Pin Joints sized over 35mm

To use the Cotter Pin Turning Key, position it over one half of the pin and then curl it down until it meets the washer or disk.  Try to pull the pin as you curl it to ensure a secure fit.  If your bear is made from a fabric with a long or thick pile, it will help prevent the joints from getting too loose if you trim away any fur that will sit in between the disks beforehand.

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