Amazing Craft – Sewing Buttercup Teddy Bear Pattern (Digital Download)


Amazing Craft – Sewing Buttercup Teddy Bear Pattern (Digital Download)


Teddy Bear Making Pattern – digital download. Sew Buttercup teddy bear with Amazing Craft’s teddy bear pattern & comprehensive instruction booklet.

Digital Download – Sewing Buttercup Teddy Bear Pattern

With this teddy bear making pattern and instruction digital download you can learn the amazing craft of teddy bear making.  The comprehensive, 14 page instruction booklet and pattern guide you through making Buttercup Bear, a 24cm teddy bear.  Buttercup is made with safety eyes and safety joints making her suitable for a child to play with and she can be sewn by machine or by hand.  The 10 page instruction booklet has clear instructions to guide you through the entire process and is supported with our  instructional videos  should you prefer a more visual way to learn (plus, Buttercup was demonstrated on The Sewing Quarter in March 2019 and you can find lots of helpful tips in the last hour of the show here). This teddy bear pattern and booklet have been designed for all sewists but are particularly good for those who have never made a teddy bear before.

The pattern is can also be used for making a memory teddy bear out of a sentimental fabric (old baby dress, a favourite blanket etc).  Most fabrics can be used but if you wish your bear to remain true to the pattern, a fabric with very little stretch (cotton, tweed etc) will work best.

You can sew this bear completely by hand (back stitch is the main stitch used) or on a sewing machine (there will be a little hand sewing needed).  All of the stitches needed are described in the booklet.

You will have three files to download comprising of the instruction booklet and 2 patterns.  All need to be printed on A4 paper and the patterns will print at the correct size.  If you wish to print out the instruction booklet, it will print on 8 pages of A4 paper.

To make the bear you will need the following materials (all of which can be bought from Amazing Craft):

Materials you will need:

.    48cm deep x 35cm wide piece of mohair or a non-stretch cotton (a fat ¼ will be plenty enough!)

.    9cm x 5cm velvety fabric (Mini Stoffe or wool felt)

.    Cotton or polyester sewing thread to match your fabric

.    One pair of 10mm brown safety eyes

.    1 x 30mm safety joint (for the head)

.    4 x 20mm safety joint (for the arms and legs)

.    60cm extra strong thread (used for the head joint)

.    1m Black Cotton Perle Size 8 (for the nose)

.    60g polyfibre stuffing

Equipment you will need:

.     A sewing needle

.     A doll needle

.     Fabric scissors

.     Paper scissors

.     Tailor’s chalk, fabric pen or a pencil

.     A stuffing tool, haemostats (forceps) or a chopstick!

Stitches used:

.     Back stitch

.     Ladder stitch

.     Running stitch

Skills needed: 

To complete this project, the maker will need to be able:

.     to hand sew or use a sewing machine


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