Small Round Magnets (14mm x 3mm)


Small Round Magnets (14mm x 3mm)


Small, round magnets (diamter 14mm, depth 3mm). Useful for many crafts including making fridge magnets, teddy bears and soft toys.



Small Magnets (14mm)

These 14mm, round magnets are available singly or in bags of 10 magnets.  Each magnet has a diamter of 14mm and a depth of 3mm.

Magnets can be used for a variety of crafts including making teddy bears, fridge magnets and soft toys.  Pop a magnet into each paw and your creations can put their paws together in a prayer pose or attach themselves to a fridge (or any other metal place that takes their fancy)!

The magnets are magnetised on one face only (the unmagnetised side has a small dimple on it).  When using these magnets, the smooth side (without the dimple) is the magnetic side and should be facing outwards on your project.


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