Waldorf Style Doll Kit – Tomte from De Witte Engel


Waldorf Style Doll Kit – Tomte from De Witte Engel


A natural & charming De Witte Engel Waldorf Style Doll Kit to make Tomte, a 50cm doll with all materials (100% wool & cotton).

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Waldorf Style Doll Kit – Tomte from De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel bring you a very natural and charming Waldorf Style Doll Kit for you to make Tomte, a 50cm, very popular doll loved by boys and girls of every age. The kit includes step by step, detailed instructions in English, German and Dutch. This complete kit also makes a nice gift as it is presented in a stylish transparent box containing all the materials you need to make this doll. The main material, Truefelt is 100 % wool, made in Europe and Ökotex certified. Truefelt is environmentally friendly dyed according to European EN71 art. 1,2,3.

This Waldorf-style inspired doll is ideal for the development of children’s imagination and creativity. The natural and sustainable materials make the doll feel warm and lifelike, and the flexible limbs allow the doll to have natural postures. This DIY doll kit contains only sustainable, premium quality materials

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains top quality and very natural products.
  • The “body” is made out of the famous De Witte Engel 100% cotton ökotex certificated doll jersey
  • The doll jersey is specifically designed by de Witte Engel to be used for the dolls skin, it has the perfect stretch and color
  • 100% woollen stuffing (ethically farmed)
  • De Witte Engel 100% woolen ökotex certified Trufelt is used for details
  • The natural, soft and certified materials of this doll ensure the doll is warm and safe for the children to carry
  • The combination of the beautiful cotton Velour fabric, the first class ökotex certified doll jersey and 100% woolen Truefelt in addition to pure woollen stuffing makes this Doll very soft and cuddly
  • Once can feel the top quality of the materials when holding the doll
  • All main fabrics and stuffing is made and put together in Europe
  • This doll kit brings all you need to have fun creating a nice doll for your children or grandchildren and for yourself.

The Kit contains all of the materials you need to make Tomte including:

  • 100 % Woollen Felt, Ökotex certified Truefelt
  • 100 % Cotton Jersey Ökotex certified Doll Jersey
  • Tube Jersey
  • 100 % Wool stuffing
  • Nicky velour
  • Cotton fabric
  • Cotton yarn for hair
  • Embroidery thread
  • Binding thread
  • Step by step Dutch, German and English instructions
  • Patterns
  • A Doll Needle

You will need:

  • General sewing thread (all specialist threads are included)
  • A sewing needle

Skills needed: 

  • You will be need to be able to sew
  • Some experience is required



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