Twenty to Knit – Pocket Pets – Sachiyo Ishii

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Twenty to Knit – Pocket Pets – Sachiyo Ishii

£4.99 £4.49

A book of 20 cute knitting patterns to create fluffy little animals, bursting with character and charm, by the fabulous Sachiyo Ishii.

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Twenty to Knit – Pocket Pets – Sachiyo Ishii

These fluffy little animals are cute beyond belief!  Small enough to be held in a tiny hand or stored in a pocket, they are quick and easy to make using uber-soft fleecy yarn. Choose from a baby penguin, a koala bear, a guinea pig, a squirrel and many more, all bursting with character and charm.

These 20 cute and fleecy designs are quick and easy to make in addition to being ideal for using up oddments of yarn.

Sachiyo Ishii says “This book is a collection of little pets you can carry in your pocket. They can travel with you and entertain you whether you are travelling by a car, train or aeroplane. They are perfect for small hands.”

Sachiyo recommends using polyester toy stuffing to fill your tiny creations.  Knitted on size 11 (US 2 or 3) knitting needles, most of the animals should be knitted in fleecy yarn, or DK (8 ply) yarn, with tiny amounts of regular DK (8 ply) yarn and 4 ply (fingering) yarn for smaller body parts such as ears and feet, and also for embroidering features, like noses and mouths. In addition to wool, Sachiyo uses 4-6mm beads as eyes for some of the projects, but suggests using safety eyes if the toy is being made for a child.  These delightful designs are great stash busters.

The book uses lots of pictures to guide you through the various aspects of knitted toy making, including how to make knitted tails, ears and even eyes on some toys.

Within the book there is a multitude of toys to knit including baby chicks, a koala bear, a guinea pig, Mr & Mrs Hamster, a squirrel with an acorn, a seal pup, a hedgehog, an otter and many more.

The characters vary in size but are mostly around 10cm tall/long.

Published by Searchpress.  ISBN 978-1-78221-695-7