Large Plastic Safety Dog Noses for Toys (20mm & 30mm)


Large Plastic Safety Dog Noses for Toys (20mm & 30mm)


Large plastic safety dog / teddy bear noses in sizes 20mm to 30mm. Suitable for stitched, knitted & crocheted toys. Conform to EN71 standards.

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Large Plastic Safety Noses for Toys 20mm & 30mm

Plastic safety noses for teddy bear and soft toy making in the style of a dog/bear nose.  These larger noses come in size 20mm and 30mm and are made from black plastic and work well with stitched, knitted and crocheted toys.  They are available as a single nose or in packs of 5 or 10.

These noses are great to use with teddy bears, dolls, stuffed animals, amigurumi and all other kinds of crafts projects that are intended to be played with by children and conform to Safety Standard EN71.

The nose has a ridged ‘pin’ on the back that is inserted through the fabric (before stuffing the head).  The plastic or metal back  is inserted onto the ‘pin’ on the inside of the fabric that holds the nose firmly in place.

The backs have to be a very tight fit to ensure the nose cannot be pulled off from the toy.  Because of this, we also stock an Insertion Tool that helps push the backs onto the noses which is particularly helpful for those that have weakness in their hands or fingers.

Please note:  the noses are sometimes supplied with plastic backs and sometimes supplied with metal backs.  If you prefer one type of back, please contact us beforehand to check which we currently have in stock.


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