Needle Threader Pack from Hemline


Needle Threader Pack from Hemline


Needle Threaders from Hemline, with instructions, to make threading hand sewing needles or sewing machine needles so much easier!

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Hemline Needle Threader Pack

A  handy pack of two Needle Threaders from Hemline.  The needle threaders make the threading of needles so simple!  The needle threaders can be used on both hand sewing needles and sewing machine needles.

To use the needle threaders:-

1) thread the metal loop of the needle threader through the eye of the needle

2) thread the yarn through the needle threader (if you need a bigger hole, slightly shape the metal wire to make it bigger).

3) gently pull the needle threader’s wire back out of the eye of the needle and the thread will follow through.

4) take the needle threader off of the thread

Always pull the needle threader gently to avoid breaking the wire!