Mohair Fabric – 12mm Sparse Ratinee – Steel Grey


Mohair Fabric – 12mm Sparse Ratinee – Steel Grey


A versatile 12mm sparse ratinee mohair fabric from Helmbold in a soft, steel grey colour for traditional mohair teddy bear & toy making.

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12mm Sparse Ratinee Mohair Fabric – Steel Grey

Helmbold 12mm Sparse Ratinee Mohair Fabric – Steel Grey is a gorgeous and easy-to-work-with mohair for making teddy bears and other soft toys.

The pile is a soft steel grey colour and contrasts beautifully with the pale grey coloured backing.  This mohair fabric works well on very small teddy bears and toys as well as large creations.  The ratinee pile lies much flatter than the usual pile on mohair and has a very slightly ‘felted’ look to it.

Mohair fabric is a fibre made from natural fibres.  It is fleece of the angora goat which is woven onto a cotton backing.

A good cotton thread to match this mohair is Gutermann Cotton 305.

This mohair fabric is available in 1/16m, 1/8m and 1/4m pieces (the width of the roll is approximately 140cm including the selvedges and, therefore, 1/16th is approx 25cm deep x 35cm wide, 1/8th is approx 50cm deep x 35cm wide and a 1/4m will be approximately 50cm deep x 70cm wide).

Please note, it is very difficult to photograph an exact colour match of the mohair.

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Fabric - Size

6cmx7cm sample, 1/16th metre, 1/8th metre, Fat Quarter


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