Mini Knitted Safari – Sachiyo Ishii

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Mini Knitted Safari – Sachiyo Ishii

£8.99 £7.99

A book full of knitting patterns to create cute safari animals & their wonderful surroundings by the fabulous Sachiyo Ishii.

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Mini Knitted Safari – Sachiyo Ishii

Knit a charming, fun, mini safari park with animals from tigers to tapirs and penguins to pandas with this Mini Knitted Safari book.  There’s even a knitted mat to put all the creatures on, an arched floral gateway, an off-road vehicle and a camper van!

The 27 animals have clear, simple knitting patterns with step by step photography of simple sewing, stuffing and embroidery techniques and are ideal for knitters of all skill levels.

Sachiyo Ishii says “There is something for everyone in this book.  If you are new to knitting, start with the safari mat, then you can go on to the twenty-seven animal patterns. They are surprisingly simple, knitted flat and sewn together at the end.  Follow the basic step by step and the rest will come easily.  There are no rules, and so no mistakes.”

Sachiyo suggests using uncarded washed wool, cotton wool or polyfibre stuffing to fill your tiny creations.  Knitted on size 12 (US 2) knitting needles all of the animals have been knitted in double knitting, or DK (6 ply) yarn.  These delightful designs are great stash busters as even the largest animal (the elephant) only requires 15g (1/2oz) of yarn!

The book uses lots of pictures to guide you through the various aspects of knitted toy making including how to make a tail, a mane and even knitted eyes.

In addition to the safari play mat, there is a wealth of safari animals to knit including a brown bear, a hippo, a rhino, meerkats, monkeys, crocodiles, snakes plus many more.

These mini characters range in size but are around 5cm tall.

Published by Searchpress.  ISBN 978-1-84448-991-6