Lewis the Panda Sewing Kit – Miadolla


Lewis the Panda Sewing Kit – Miadolla


Lewis the Panda sewing kit from the Miadolla range contains everything you need to make a 21cm tall jointed panda bear.

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Lewis the Panda Sewing Kit – Miadolla

Lewis the Panda sewing kit is a gorgeous sewing kit from the fabulous Miadolla range and contains everything you need to make a cute, jointed panda teddy who stands approximately 21cm (8 1/4″) tall.  Lewis is made from plush fabric, stuffed with traditional wood wool (and a little steel weighting) and has moveable arms, legs and head.

Miadolla say “Lewis has loved airplanes since childhood. His grandfather was a famous pilot, he flew a lot and always told enthralling stories about his life in the air. Lewis listened to his stories with bated breath and was very proud of his grandfather. When he grew up, he entered an air academy. Right now Lewis is training hard, taking first steps towards his great and important dream — to become as distinguished a pilot one day as his grandfather”.

The kit contains a pattern, all materials and comprehensive instructions to guide you through the processes to make your panda.  The kit also includes the patterns, instructions and materials to make his clothes, shoes and accessories too.

You can sew Lewis completely by hand (back stitch is the main stitch used) or on a sewing machine (there will be a little hand sewing needed).  The kit is also supported by some great ‘How to do it’ videos on our website if you prefer more visual ways of learning.

Your kit includes all of the materials you need:-.

  • detailed instruction with pictures
  • plush fabric
  • corduroy fabric
  • jersey fabric
  • cotton fabric
  • faux leather
  • cotter pin joints
  • sewing threads
  • buttons
  • beads (for the eyes)
  • sewing needle
  • wood wool (for the stuffing)
  • steel weighting

Equipment you will need to make your panda:

Skills needed:- 

To complete this project, the maker will need to be able:

.     to hand sew or be able to use a sewing machine

.     to feel confident working with small, ‘fiddly’ pieces!

*Because this kit contains bead eyes and steel weighting, it is not suitable as a toy.  


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