Hemline Loop Turner


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Hemline Loop Turner

The Hemline Loop Turner is great for turning long thin pieces of tubular material inside out such as spaghetti straps, bag handles, Chinese ball buttons, string belts and can also be used with some patterns for toy making too.

You simply insert the Loop Turner into the tube of material until it pokes out of the other end.  Hook the end of the loop turner over the end of the fabric and close the tiny latch.  You then pull the Loop Turner with one hand while sliding the fabric over itself with the other hand.  Depending on the material, you can sometimes use the Loop Turner on a tube of fabric that is sealed at one end (eg long arms and legs when toy making).  The tiny hook on the end will, in this case, need to be attached to the inside of the tube on the seam allowance.  (Not suitable on delicate fabrics).

See the Hemline video here on how to use this handy tool.