Hemline Invisible Thread Clear – Whiskers!


Hemline Invisible Thread Clear – Whiskers!


Hemline Invisible Thread is great for machine quilting & invisible hems and also fabulous for creating very fine whiskers when making toys & mohair teddy bears.

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Hemline Invisible Thread Clear

Not only is Hemline Invisible Thread brilliant for machine quilting, invisible hems and general embroidery, it  is also fabulous for creating very fine whiskers on your bears, mice, rabbits and other cute creations.  This 100% nylon, monofilament thread cleverly blends with most fabric colours (for best results, use the clear invisible thread with light coloured fabric and the smoke invisible thread with dark coloured fabric)  and is supplied on a 200m reel.

If you are you are using mohair or a material with a tight weave and are not sure how to use the thread for whiskers, here is a little guide:-

First make and stuff your characters head (the whiskers can be one of the finishing touches when your creature has been fully made).   Thread a doll needle with a length of thread that can easily pass from one side of the head to the other.  Knot the end of the thread.  Insert the needle into the head, opposite where you want the whisker, and exit where you want the whisker.  Pull the needle through and, when the knot stops at the fabric, give it a good tug so that is become hidden inside the head.  It should then become embedded in the head.  Cut the whisker to the desired length and repeat until you have the desired amount of whiskers.  Although you can arrange your whiskers as you wish, animal’s whiskers are generally symmetrical, in lines and evenly spaced.

If you are using the thread on a sewing machine for quilting etc, here is a great little video from Hemline showing you how to use this thread.  Here are a few other tips if you are using the thread for machining:-

  • For virtually invisible stitching on both sides of your work, use on the bobbin and on the top of your sewing machine.
  • If you only use the thread on the top of the machine, increase the thread tension to prevent the bobbin thread coming up to the top of the work.
  • Do not use the auto thread cutter on sewing machines when using invisible thread.



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