Fun Felties – Choose 2 or more & save 20%


Amazing Craft Fun Felties 2
Fun Felties Alfie Elf Kit contents
Fun Felties Rudolph Reindeer Kit contents
Amazing Craft Fun Felties Robbie Robin Kit contents

Fun Felties – Choose 2 or more & save 20%


Amazing Craft Fun Felties – Choose 2 or more and save 20%. Kits to make felt decorations, choose from Santa Claus, Robbie Robin, Alfie Elf and Rudolph.


Amazing Craft Fun Felties – Choose 2 or more & save 20%

Fun Felties are complete sewing kits to make cute, wool felt decorations for hanging up in the house.  In addition to the hanging ribbon, the cute decorations (approximately 7cm in diameter) have a secret back pocket, perfect for concealing a hidden message, a chocolate coin or even a tiny gift for someone special at Christmas!  In the kit you have all you need to make one, cute decoration (plus a re-usable pattern should you wish you make more).

Individual kits cost £7.50 each but, choose any two from Santa Claus, Rudolph Reindeer, Alfie Elf and Robbie Robin.

Fun Felties are sewn by hand and the contain all of the materials you need, full instructions, a British made sewing needle and a re-usable pattern.

Materials in your kit:-

.     30% Wool Felt

.     Ribbon

.     Safety Black eyes (2) & safety backs (2)

.     9mm beads

.     Cotton Sewing Thread

.     Polyfibre stuffing

.     A sewing needle

.     Pattern and full instructions

Equipment you will need:-

.     Sharp fabric/embroidery scissors

.     Pins

.     Paper scissors

.     Tailor’s chalk, fabric pen or a pencil

.     Tailor’s awl or thick darning needle

Skills needed:- 

To complete this project, the maker will need to be able

.     to sew by hand

Stitches used:-

.     Whip stitch

.     Running stitch

.     Tacking stitch

Pattern & instructions © Becky Lewis 2018

Additional information

Kit Name

Santa Claus, Alfie Elf, Robbie Robin, Rudolph Reindeer


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