Felt Animal Families by Corinne Lapierre



Felt Animal Families by Corinne Lapierre


Felt Animal Families is a fabulous book by Corinne Lapierre with step-by-step guides to making the cutest animal friends from felt.

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Felt Animal Families by Corinne Lapierre

Who could resist Corinne Lapierre’s book, full of beautiful felt animal families?

There are deer, bears, rabbits, foxes, mice and racoons to choose from all brought to life and given characters of their own with cute outfits and fun accessories. The animals are made using felt fabric that is easy to work with and soft to the touch, and are all hand-sewn using simple stitches. Every project is accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions, along with full-size templates, photographs and Corinne’s charming hand drawn illustrations.

Amazing Craft stocks buttons, embroidery thread, stuffing and felt which are needed for many of the projects in this fabulous book. Corinne has recommended using a wool-viscose mix felt for the projects in this book (see below).

Corrine says: “I hope that you enjoy making these animals and that they bring out smiles and giggles all around you for many years to come. I know that they cannot wait to jump out of the pages to come and live with you. Creating beautiful things by hand stitching is one of the most therapeutic things you can do, so get comfortable, take your time and enjoy the process, one stitch at a time.”

Links to relevant products:

Wool- Viscose Mix Felt – https://www.amazingcraft.co.uk/product/wool-felt-light-stone/
Polyfibre Stuffing – https://www.amazingcraft.co.uk/product/super-polyfibre-toy-stuffing/
Buttons – https://www.amazingcraft.co.uk/product/trimits-mini-buttons-orange-and-yellow/
Embroidery Thread – https://www.amazingcraft.co.uk/product/dmc-cotton-perle-116-310-8/


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