Belle and Boo – S is for Sewing

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Belle and Boo – S is for Sewing

£11.99 £10.80

A fantastic book of over twenty projects to sew for kids reimagined from Mandy Sutliffe’s pretty and nostalgic illustrations.

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Belle & Boo – S is for Sewing

Over 25 playtime projects to make for creative children.

Belle & Boo – S is for Sewing is a unique craft book of playtime projects and contains ideas and instructions for over 25 makes designed to engage a child’s imagination. Each sewing project will transport your child to another world where they can make-believe about being a pirate, a ballerina or even a tiny woodland creature.

Belle’s Bakery helps children to hone their numeracy skills through selling handstitched felt cupcakes, biscuits and carrots, which can be traded for the Belle & Boo currency that is created by copying and colouring the coin templates. Special sewing projects include Honey Bear, a classic jointed teddy, as well as the Rag Doll who has a selections of outfits, including a gingham party dress.  There are many other fabulous projects for children to enjoy playing with including a tent, painter’s smock, puppets, a rag doll, a pirate map and even a hobby horse!

Full step by step instructions are given for all the projects and templates are supplied where necessary. Containing a mixture of charming illustrations and photographs, this captivating book will help you to discover the many delightful worlds that Mandy Sutcliffe creates with her simple but stylish images of Belle & Boo.

ISBN: 978-1-84949-588-2