25mm Slim Safety Joints for Toy Making


25mm Slim Safety Joints for Toy Making


25mm safety joints for teddy bear and soft toy making.



25mm Slim Style Plastic Safety Joints for Toy Making

25mm plastic safety joints enable your creation have moving arms, legs and head.  A pack of 5 will be enough to joint one bear (or a toy that has two arms, two legs and one head!) and a pack of 25 will be enough for 5 bears/dolls/etc.

The diameter of the disks is 25mm and the length of the plastic ‘pin’ is 20mm.  (We have two styles of this size joint and this one has a thinner pin, as seen in the photograph).

These joints are made up of three pieces:  one plastic disk with a ridged pin (which sits on one side of the joint), a plastic washer and a locking disk which goes on to the pin last and holds the joint in place.

Because the joints need to be firmly secured, it is a tight fit to attach the locking disk and you need a bit of strength to push it on!  If you are struggling, two things that can help with this are the Safety Eye Insertion Tool or by soaking the joint in hot water for a minute before inserting.

The joints are all washable and conform to British Toy Regulation Safety Standard EN71 Part 3.

To see how to insert safety joints, see our ‘How to do it‘ videos.

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